Hi, I’m Pharaoh Maktuk nice to meet you! Well, I’m actually Sherif Vuich, but because I am Egyptian, I love to rave, and I love to wear a pharaoh costume to every rave I go to, I have decided to become Pharaoh Maktuk– the Rave Pharaoh.

I believe that there is a Pharaoh within all of us waiting to be manifested. At times in life its very easy to lose site of the infinite power within, but by showing up and being seen, and staying true to our most authentic version’s of our selves and having compassion for one another when we don’t, we access a higher power.

This higher power, amorphous, indescribable, and changing from person to person is one of the main aims of my poems and my rambles. I believe that through awareness and direction of our consciousness is the means of unlocking the higher power within, the Pharaoh ūüôā

This blog is meant as a safe place for me to brood and gather my thoughts as I attempt to call forth the highest version of my self each beautiful day through poetry and random rambles, and aid you in doing the same. I hope you join me through my pilgrimage through life as we cultivate our collective self.





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Petrified with stale thoughts Desiring more than anything to be here¬† Unable to take the¬†first step forward from there Backwards in a trance with incessant noise failing To apply what is known. Connect the receiver,¬† Acquire momentum. Standing¬†unscathed–¬† From elsewhere to super-standing. Image taken from Pinterest


Polar sides of bed Aliens in loving arms Abducted‚ÄĒwhere is she¬† If I hold her until morning Will she return ¬† Can I tranquilize¬† The abductor With kisses Can I peel off Each layer Of the cocoon Butterfly reborn Wings spread Shimmering with due Abductor abducted As she holds him Closer ¬†and closer¬† Image taken … Continue reading Abducted


Originally posted on Eyes + Words:
An Eyes + Words Writers Group Creation Written by?Pharaoh Maktuk,? Deah Caldwell, Mil Williams, Andrew James Blair and Santore Imelda The internal manifestation Of fear, love, spirit– Glimpses into future lives Descend from the clouds Still here, everywhere Dreams never ceasing External – aside Faithfully saw sadness hang Free the…

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