Un-even? Not-being even?

Uneven? or Not-even? In order to understand what it is to not-be-even, we must create some sort of concept of “evenness”. Does it simply mean to not-be odd? Is it bad to be odd, or a fool? Oh right, we must first agree that to be odd, would equal foolishness, or the state, which fools exist in. An idiot to me may-be a genius to you. Many geniuses are capable of likely destroying our world with the launching of missiles. Brutal, murderous, traitorous words, which if not used correctly could destroy the innocent. Innocent? Young? Yes, when we are young we are most vulnerable- susceptible to being attacked, not having an inability to being attacked. When attacked, we must decide how high we will raise our walls. It is important not to let those who hurt us do so again.Wouldn’t that be great!? Not to get-even? To remain peacefully and idiotically remain un-even? Did you follow!? If not don’t worry because “this maze is for you”. 🙂

via Daily Prompt: Uneven


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