Keep it simple stupid
Think before you speak
Adages are shit
Don’t care or I won’t share one bit

Posted and unposted
taken down and re-stored
All I want is to fuck and snore
But in all honesty life’s just a bore

Ill just sit here stuffed in a murakami book
My innocence that dumb bitch took
But what she did was bring to light
the capacity to choose between fight or flight

Criticize a blog or sleep like a dog
the ability to direct your focus
isn’t it just some hocus-pocus

Home-word bound or lost and found
God or Belial
Use the force like a crocodile

Science or myth don’t be a sith
The ultimate goal thats just a hole
when its all said and done we are one

#gomyjedi #oneness #haiku #poetry #atonewiththeforce



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