Liquid Courage

He walks into a bar. He has no intention or friends here and now. He is alone searching for a sweet siren. In every direction of the room he sees smiling moons; friends telling jokes and elevating the mundane events into delightful comedies. He wishes he could fit in this space. He wishes he could belong in this system. In order to do so he needs liquid courage.

The sun fills his glass. The sun has total control in this space. The white foam settling like a white tiger stirring to pounce on his prey. Soon his glass is half empty and he is still here and everyone else is still there. He inhales the remaining glass and magically, as if a psychic, the sun graciously slides one more glass to the king.  The only requirement is to sacrifice more liquidity in exchange for more courage. The king beams out a green rectangle towards the son. Upon receiving the rectangle the son disregards everything and tends to the moons on the other side of space.

Balls of fire are presented in front of a king and shockingly ingested, immortal to the heat. A king of empty beer bottles and shot glasses ruling with authority unquestioned. A king powerless to the mindlessness. A king who still hasn’t met his queen and who has punted off more liquidity in the search. The sacrifice of liquidity for the dilution of purity. Imprisoned in this fortress the fierce king is ready to go on to battle forgetting his own intention.

Muscles tight and a shadow engulfing the room he approaches two illuminated sirens. Upon arrival he steals their smile and a panic ensues as he gulps and says hello. The shadow engulfs the maidens and they are transformed into hyenas as they cackle relentlessly. The kings courage waivers and the boy returns to his seat.

There was no liquid courage or any form of courage to be found. He walks out the door and courageously gets behind his vehicle. Cars and trucks dance like at a  nightclub, but the king’s chariot is out of synch. Swerving in and out and high and low he safely reaches his fortress. With walls built this high the fortress is impenetrable. Unfortunately the fence surrounding is destroyed along with the chariot.

He wakes up the next day and musters up the courage to lie to the emperor that he wouldn’t be making it to the palace today because he had food poisoning. This was half true. In a liquid world he picks up the only thing that can negate the mishaps of the fool; a bottle of purity.

After a few hours of focusing on the internal purification he can see normally and no internal merry-go-rounds persist. Instead, the courage is slowly pumped out, and the fear of continuing as a little child is re-surfaced. The boy sulks as he swallows more liquids. If only he could be as pure as what he was putting in his body in the here and now. He would cease to be a fool and enjoy the kingdom. But why was he so un-pure to begin with? The thought frightened him so he reached into the fridge for more liquid courage.




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