Poker Table Of Life

You say you’re busy
I believe you’re not
this ignorance is dealt
like a lethal blood clot

What we lack in freedom
We make up in duty
Sitting around a poker table
Plain faces not even slightly fruity

What she sees as an escape
he sees as rent
Shrugging it off, smiles unbent
Wondering how as his time is spent

She’s a true whale, beautiful and petite
Totally aware they’re trying to make ends meat
In walks a doctor,  where that came from theres more
But they’ll never heal, depleted at the core

The ace of spades and the queen of hearts
Go ahead and raise, throw in your darts
An hour later, the accountant is stuck
Quack Quack his chips are mine just one more duck

At the end of the day we all need some luck
To get away from here forever unstuck

#poker #spirituality #oneness #business


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