Status Quo

img_4841Striving for, but reaching a drawback. Now what to do?  Continue with the status quo or meticulously analyze with the hopes to catalyze? A growth to an excess? What is abundance and how scarcely is it recognized? Persistent to be sufficient and it’ll metastasize.

To sulk and brood until a later day. Many came and went, but unchanged procrastination is not not-doing. Through the forest victory can be attained. Throughout the forest cataclysmic loss spreads. Into its depths the truth eternally unmoving regardless of what we contemplate on doing.

The canopy is dense. Gorillas swinging from vine to vine, the hisses and howls reverberating timelessly in the deep. Trying to keep stillness in this massive hollow. To reach the top to hopefully peek at a new world through the lens of an owl.

Amidst the dark are two illuminating beams. A magnifying glass burning the ground. A fierce fire that does not spread. A spark in the dark to bring out the undead. Fear permeates and into the fire he runs. This fire painlessly burns. It only creates a portal from within to without. Rage and power, but not like the owl.

Knocked down repeatedly the forest thwarts the most powerful. No wall can be raised as high as the canopy. No missile can be as lethal as the piercing fangs of the anaconda. Wordless and worldless venom the tornado swirls. A convoluted mystery remains as to why the status quo has been unchanged.


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