Out of Place

I wish I had proof I don’t belong here. I think something just doesn’t feel right. I expected to be on a tropical beach or in an imaginary oasis somewhere. All my brothers and sisters are lounging around on South Beach Miami or Waikiki. My father is off in the sahara, and my mother is in the Mojave. All alone, without competition, I am by far the most beautiful tree in this forest. I am unique, green, and luscious. My arms sway in the wind like a belly-dancer. Thats all I am, though, a belly-dancer. I have no partner and I am desired by all. I dare not let them touch me. Their mystery of me alludes them, and if they get inside they’ll have nothing left to explore. All these gray, ghastly, wannabe trees. Their leaves fell long long ago– maybe forever ago. It has certainly been an eternity since fall. I’ll wait an eternity more. Let me be. Don’t touch me!


Its calm here. I enjoy the lullabies of the children as they play off in the distance. Sometimes they come here to explore my branches. Sometimes they break off my branches to use as Anduril or Excalibur. I am grateful they honor my lost limbs as sacred weapons. At least they can use parts of me as weapons unlike the flimsy branches of my angry neighbor. They’re not real weapons yet at least as they make believe. Although they chase my friends, the squirrels and the rabbits, they are unable to capture them. We shield the children from harming the animals. However, we can only shield them so long. Soon a boy grows up and learns to wield his red flower. I was once hurt by man’s red flower, but I don’t hold it against the boy inside. He just wants to play like we all do.

It is cold here during the winter. I’m glad I have my brothers and sisters. We hold hands so that our warmth doesn’t escape us. We have the soft grass to brush our bristles. They tickle and soothe us. Many of our brothers and sisters are up in the heavens cheerfully waiting to rise down to us. Our family spreads as wide as the ocean, although we normally never make it to the ocean. Sometimes we are thrown into the sea against our will. We cry out to our family members we miss so dearly. We’re out of place, cold, lonely, and never able to return to our homes above.


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