Waiting for his turn in the shoe Pharaoh is silent. He doesn’t have his costume on, today, and instead has chosen to wear a Coldplay hoodie. Chris Martin has helped him conquer his spies, and shiver off their sparks. It is always great to have a parachute to eject the scientist and return to square one in Paradise.


Michelle and his eyes meet, they smile, and he hands her his phone.

Time is on his side, is not pushing him down, and is no cause for concern. Chris Martin, Haruki Murakami, Blaine Thompson, and Mickey D all have provided inspiration without his knowing. They’ve all left tracks for the direction of his train. The train moves swiftly when it has no destination. Better stay that way or you’ll end up in cat town and or the forest.

He stares into the non-purple, yellow light he was missing out on by taking a photo. His orientation wasn’t correctly placed in order to see the light. He feels no pain in his knee despite his torn ACL. He is wedged into a massive shoe that fits all, where there is plenty of room. He feels no need to squirm or resist all that is. Viva la vida– and Pharaoh ends up swallowed by the sea. Thats the hymn of the weekend.

Not talking to me, someone said somewhere.

He imagines himself in a coffee shop in Tokyo staring at a beautiful nurse named Manami. She settles his accounts and doesn’t allow the ego to fire blindly at all that is Pharaoh. In the real world she actually is an engineer, but she heals him all the same. Her smile transcends him to a higher Paradise where he floats effortlessly. They talk about Murakami books and how they in-joy the way his diction in 1Q84 changes from dry, mindless, prose to highlight association with the ego, to metaphysical references to light, space, and time with metaphors and allegories to expand consciousness. She tells Pharaoh she loves how Murakami helps grow his readers as much as he cooks his characters.

Michelle calls out to him to look away from the camera. You don’t have to stare at the camera to prove to your audience you’re smiling. Sometimes a different perspective or angle to a photo can evoke a different meaning. Play with colors, angles, and distort your photos. Reading your blog posts you might want to do that a little more too.

No voices are heard in this place.

Click. No flash. She hands him his phone. They smile like birds nodding their heads up-and-up, and head back to the Aria where her car is parked. They keep it simple because anything else would be stupid. They close their eyes and see a sky full of stars.

“You know how I know you’re gay? You like Coldplay.” -Paul Rudd
I’m straight as an arrow, but yes I’m extremely happy. You’re a bigot bro, but you’re also one of my favorite actors. You’re extremely versatile and can play any role. Could be worse, you could’ve Trumped me. He’s an army of one. A true and honest ass hole.


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