Paymons, My place of Peace

I remember the first time I stepped into Paymons Hookah lounge. It was in 2012 on a field trip from UNLV for my World Culture and Cuisine class. We were greeted by the owner Paymon, and at the time, the GM Chris. We were given a nice buffet to sample a lot of the different foods offered, and insight on why Paymon created the lounge.


Its a mediterranean lounge and restaurant, but Paymon offers Italian, Moroccan, Persian, and Greek cuisine. He felt that all countries bordering the Mediterranean should have their sample of food which adds for a great pastel of different colorful, foods to choose from. Paymon also said that the purpose of his lounge was for friends to come together, put away their phones, and in-joy the ancient world. There are all sorts of cool hookah pieces, gorgeous paintings, and comfy cushiony sofas all over the lounge to relax on. My favorite things on the menu are the chicken parmesan and the moussaka. Moussaka is like a Greek lasagna which contains beef, cheese, potatoes, and eggplant. It can normally be served with rice, fries, or salad.


I came in a few times with my ex-gf and other friends during the year of 2013, but had not officially become a regular until the fall after we broke up. I came in by myself, like so many other regulars I would become close friends with, just as an opportunity to unwind and escape the outside world. Paymons has an irreplaceable vibe you can’t find anywhere else in Vegas. There is something truly seductive about Paymons that keeps bringing us back. Its the cohesive and dependable family vibe that we love, and also a welcoming vibe to those who lounge in solitude. We always feel welcome and like we are loved when we are in the inmate world. Shackled by our love for hookah, the delicious mediterranean food, and the gratitude we have for each other.

The first friend I met at Paymons was the hookah-server Jaime. Jaime is what I’d like to describe as a transcendental leader. He cooks his customers smiles to perfection the way he delicately caters to their hookahs. I often saw him and my now other close friends hanging out at the bar, but chose to stick to myself. Jaime, Alyssa, and the other employees told me that I should come sit at the bar and meet everyone else.


I then met my fellow inmates of Paymons, Patrick and Eric. Slowly and steadily I would meet all sorts of different friends at Paymons. Employees, friends of employees, regulars, friends of regulars. At Paymons we were a big happy family. Glued by our love for hookah and this unique vibe we all showed up almost everyday. Paymons has always been my place of peace. I could always happily show up by myself regardless of whether my fellow inmates would be there or I’d be sitting at the bar alone talking to the servers.


I have unfortunately acted a fool and have been 86ed, but I will always remember the amazing memories I had there. All the employees who have come and go, all the regulars, all the random customers I may have shared a few drinks and laughs with. All the times we would have karaoke session at Paymons without mics taking turns requesting songs. Singing The Lion Sleeps Tonight, Santeria, In Da club, random 80s themed dance nights, or just having plain Backstreet Boys Night. All the people who comforted me in my times of woe, and all the random karaoke sessions we had at E-string. If you’re ever in Vegas definitely check this place out. With friends, or like me, originally in solitude, you will be in-joy.


via Photo Challenge: Solitude


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