Heisenberg, Pow-blow,
Loco diablo
Direct a subject
Coerce til his hearse

Barrel in mouth
Bitter murky sweat
Choices are now south
Sanity long left

Those truly loved
Deprived of the truth
Those fueled by hate
All reciprocate

Persuade all but me
Crystal Persuasion
Purity attained
Hiatus, but no gain

Cowboys and Indians
Revolvers and arrows
Decayed and rotting
Misguided Pharaoh

Chasing currency
Washing solvency
Only liquidity
Unsolved duplicity

Swirling The current
News distorted
Shaping history
The crazy mystery

Conscience stiff
Ego of the hour
Morbid putrid myth
The limit of power

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely” -Lord Acton

Halfway through season 2 of Power. Its already better than Narcos, but due to how original and brilliant the idea of Breaking Bad is, I doubt it will surpass it. A commonality of the three minds of the drug lords is that they keep feeding everyone they love more and more lies in order to distort the truth and gain more power. As we see in the cases of Heisenberg and Pablo that it can only last so long. Loving Power so far, the complexities of all the intertwined relationships, and am every pumped to see how it all unravels.



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