Pharaoh’s Cobra and Furukihara’s Cave

Pharaoh boards his connecting flight from Dallas Fort Worth to Miami. The second of three connecting flights he would need to take in order to reach Barcelona. He sits in the middle aisle seat in the center of the plane. He sees a petite nimble Japanese woman approaching on the right aisle. He hopes that she might be in the seat next to him.  He squints hard to see her boarding pass which has become visible. It reveals she is sitting in the same aisle as he. She’s wearing a suit with some cream colored dress pants. She giggles without end and bows to her companions who continue onwards to the back of the plane. She likely is 15 or 20 years older than he is, but he cannot deny the beauty of her smile. Pharaoh usually can differentiate different Asian ethnicities, but hearing them speak about Bolivia in their native tongues confirms she is Japanese.

Pharaoh thinks to himself to say “nihongo wo hanashite ita”? “Nihongo wo Renshyuushite mo ii desu ka?” (Were you speaking Japanese? Can I practice with you)
He instead decides to keep silent. He notices her pull a packet out of her suitcase and can see all the different hiragana and katakana on it mixed with kanji. Unfortunately he can’t recollect many of the kanji he learned, but noticed the word ‘report’ written in the top in Katakana. The complexion of her chest as well as her pearly white, yet crooked teeth are something he hadn’t seen in a while. Japanese women are a rarity from his experiences in America, but Pharaoh’s kryptonite.

He decides to break the ice and ask her what report she’s working on in Japanese. She starts laughing and begins asking him how he learned Japanese. He tells her that he took 3 years of Japanese in college as well as had a Japanese girl friend for a year. Pharaoh does his best to carry conversation without the use of any English. Somehow he is still able to do this after rarely using Japanese over the last few years. After a while they introduce one another as Sherif and Furukihara* respectively. They exchange stories about where they are traveling to and Furukihara tells him that she is with 12 other Japanese tourists and that she is their tour guide. He assumed wrong when he thought that she was a business woman. He admires her similarly nomadic life, and the freedom she possesses as a tour guide. He never was very attracted to business people. They both agree, though, that they are tired. The announcements from the pilot interrupt their kaiwa, and Pharaoh smiles to her before closing his eyes.

Pharaoh is no longer in his cave. He is in a modest apartment in Tokyo. There is an intoxicating aroma in this apartment, and the sound of soft jazz playing in the background. Buddy Rich and his band are groovin along and playing Nutville. Having drunk every drop of her smell he makes his way over to Furukihara on her bed. He starts with soft kisses on her strawberry flavored lips as he makes his way down to her neck. Slowly and steadily. There is no rush. Her soft, tranquil breathing becomes a little more heavy as her body starts oscillating upwards and downwards as he makes his way down south. There is a short, soft row of bushes hiding her cave. They aren’t prickly, but more like a cat’s smooth, managed coat. The cave is moist with much residue flowing outwards. He can hear her beginning to moan slightly and inevitably louder. His cobra is erect and ready to enter her cave.


Slytherin around, the cobra goes in and out of the cave. Her arms are clung around him as she nibbles on his ear and neck. She yells to stop, so he does, but then she slaps him and he realized she wants him to continue. The cobra is ready to spit out venom, so he decided it would be best to distort the orientation of its entry around the cave. He rolls on to his back and plays dead, but she mounts him like she doesn’t believe it. Fiercefuly and filled with euphoria, as well as his cobra, she places a trance on the cobra. It is as powerless as he is, and he surrenders to her. Only for a little while.

A few moments later she is kissing his neck again while he is pulling her closer to him to feel her small supple breasts on his. Furukihara works like a magician as she tames his serpent. Her crooked teeth resemble his forked tongue. He realizes that the cobra had already shed its skin, and that Furukihara was left defenseless. When his thoughts return to the present the cobra spits out of an enormous pile of venom. She gives him a wink and he starts floating into the sky reaching back for Furukihara. The thunder and lightning had stopped, but this storm is not over.

He wakes up and sees her peacefully snoozing next to him on the plane. She now has a mask on and looks like an adorable ninja. Powerful, peaceful, and pleasant. He tries to go back to sleep, but his efforts are futile. He closes his eyes and has her and Manami on his mind. Suzy comes through every now and then, but the concept of no-mind is definitely a mystery to Pharaoh.

He opens his eyes as the pilot starts blabbering on about whatever. She smiles at him as he misunderstood his question. He thought she asked him how long his flight to Barcelona was, but she actually asked how long he had to wait for his next flight. She said she had a five hour lay-over. She expresses how tired she is and that she wouldn’t feel comfortable sleeping at her gate while waiting for her next flight. He remembered how her head leaned slightly towards his shoulder as she slept. He wished it could have lightly touched his shoulder and he could have tilted his head over hers.

Again, she is 15-20 years older than Pharaoh, so when he asks her to keep in contact she laughs and says that it was definitely nice carrying conversation with him in Japanese for the majority of their flight. He didn’t expect any differently, but knew he had nothing to lose to ask. After walking different ways to their respective gates they smiled, bowed, and said sayoonara.


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