Dear Mother Leopard

Writing to my mother.

My post already scent. Sent on strawberry

jam on burnt toast.  Rise and Shine–

dinner is ready. Fueling the fire

why are you always steady? I fear your

father. A carbon copy– why are your actions

so thoughtless and sloppy? The sirens blare,

do you even care? Spoons on the walls

together we fall. Days later felt so quick

Hidden insanity with a jagged stick. One sick

trick– simple for a deranged lunatic.

She could not bare his sinful stare.

Depicting inside of her she was no longer Aware.

Plenty of time, stray just a hair, the rabbit will

disappear, but the tortoise won fair. Blind to the mirror,

the shards much sheerer. Don’t you dare pretend to care–

Off elsewhere– I couldn’t see clearer.



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