A Day Of Lost Ashes

Point-less, learning his

own language. One of two unknown.

Arabic forgotten, Serbian– forced crust. Asian tunnels–

digging a hole to emerge from his money splurged.  Purge–

wretch the liquid and watch the class. Confused and used, Spyro–

draggin— breathes detached velcro.  Nothing Remains of the boy named crow.

Elbows crossed, eyes boiling, mom can’t accept the consequences of her spoiling.

What to do? Leave him on the  streets, she’ll feel dark blue. A crew of hate, repelling

any chance for a date. Bait– all needed is for her to bite. Despite– the blight

shown on his kite. Pharaoh spies a spy, crying– in his head spacing–

racing forward. Wished he was dying. Lying, next to her body perfected.

Tormented, all she ever wanted was for him to hold her. Fucking–

Crying in her arms, cradled like the mother he wish was dead.

Love without condition, betrayed by malicious suspicion.

Attrition, never again– the lions den, Pharaoh treads.

Dead– inside, unable to connect, Outside unable to speak–

a beak– able to move. Smooth rhyme, no time. Inside he boils–

and flows. Outside no-one knows. Inside his heart–

covered by snows. Outside– the world simply blows.

To the undertow below. Above he only sees hos–

in specks inspected. Pharaoh Maktuk–

If only not Oedipus erected. 

Image Source https://www.tumblr.com/search/oceans%20into%20ashes


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