Lord of The Rings


One ring to rule them all

One ring to contain their space

The dark lord imprisoned

by crows in the clouds

A ring of students surround

the Pharaoh

Some gaze into the square

to derive meaning

The reading confusing

English to Spanish

Dividing the barriers

A compass connecting

Desiring to be at one

There can only be one

Lord of the Rings

Health decays but the

spirit stays

Tied to the ring he

endures them at loss

Found that he can guide

their paths

A snap of the finger

and a heart can linger

Enough not quick to

perform a slick trick

Quick to click and lick

from his bag of trix

A rabbit proposed

A girl might hurl

her-self over the


love created to

accept one Pharaoh


Paymons, My place of Peace




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