Abiding by her rules. To study and nothing more.

The dog locked on the terrace, unable to enter.

Exits his room and frolics through the queen’s hall.

No knowledge of his mother– Adolf. She allows no petting,

no guests, no drinking. Here, he can only study. She watches the news.

Hours and hours excited in her monotony. Travelling by herself

and saying that he should love himself. He understands her words, but doubts her

credibility. His own discredited long ago. He can’t be– here and now. She hosts

him by her crown. In totality she rules in her cave. Enough food for

the walking dead. Most frozen, imprisoned, and preserved for the world’s end

in the icy crevice. She tells him to study. All his work done. He has no

homework, but working on his home is of utmost importance. He denies his

responsibility responsible only for receiving another piece of paper. He can teach

but can’t internally guide. He doesn’t ride the waves. He guides their crashing.

He collides time and time again, but recedes to the sand on the shore. All that

remains embraced– A host for his demise. A new host. Likely not as bad as

Hitler, but he will still spit at himself until nothing remains. No one else believes him.

He only trumps himself.


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