Europe Bucket List

  • Go on a long intimate walk on the beach. I don’t care what beach, I don’t care if its with the Pharaoh, but a long walk with a beautiful girl, or by myself, while staring out at the moon for some long undefined time is in order.
  • Check out a ruin bar in Budapest. I’ve heard that these are incredible and indescribable. I want to see this city and all its energy. When I was 18 and first started talking to people about traveling, a poker player I idolized told me that Budapest was the coolest of all the cities around the world he traveled to. He told me that I would have to see the architecture and absorb the energy for myself to understand. I’ll be seeing Jason Mraz there next month, so can’t wait to see what he meant!
  • Take the grand tour of Scotland from my best friend Magnus. He’s a native and has the scoop on food, nature, and everything else I’m sure. I’d like to reciprocate what I’d like to hope I’ve given him in terms of Vegas.
  • Go to at least one massive trance rave. Trance is coming back baby, and there are all sorts of radio shows like group therapy and future sound of Egypt that host all day/night trance shows. Need to see the different vibe in Europe in the rave scene.
  • See an opera or some form of classical music in Vienna. I’m definitely a music enthusiast, and definitely don’t listen to a wide variety of music. Would like to see where it all originated and check out this town.
  • Go ham in Berlin. This city is supposed to have a very international feel, very artsy, loads of hookah bars, and a crazy club scene. When my knee is rehabilitated I want to light up a dance floor.
  • Smoke weed all day underneath a tree in a park in Amsterdam while listening to music. This is impossible in the states and most likely everywhere in the world, so I would like to make the most of the lack of law and chill in a park, people watch, get high, and listen to music.
  • Go on a pub crawl somewhere in England. I have no idea what the right place is, but hopefully after enough time of mingling and making single-serving friends, some of them will stick and I can visit them and check out some awesome new beers while making some new m8s!
  • Go on a boat ride through Venice with a girl I truly love. I’ve been single for 3 years since Manami* and I really am ready for my next relationship. I’m not financially ready, but I feel like I’m emotionally ready, and I really wanna find the next Manami in an external form. I want to ride with her and have some guy sing to us in Italian without the slightest bit of comprehension outside of cognates. The language of love is all we’ll need.
  • See Aly and Fila at least twice. I don’t care when, I don’t how, I want to see them at least twice while I’m here in a rave/festival setting.
  • Get a job in Barcelona. Historically I’ve constantly failed to achieve the goals I set out, but I’ve overcome the debilitating addiction. I initially wanted to stay here, take side trips to other parts of Europe, and get 6 months-1 year of experience. I’ll take whatever work I can get, but I really want to make this shit happen! I want to stay in Barcelona. Wish me luck guys!

2 thoughts on “Europe Bucket List

  1. Cool list. I enjoyed reading it.
    I have seen many posts about bucket lists, but yours was different. Good for you.
    I hope you get to go and see a classical concert in Vienna, check out Berlin and smoke your weed in Amsterdam. 🙃

    Liked by 1 person

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