Staring at the sun hidden behind the clouds

Eyes closed and air glittered– Sparkling and sifted through

A spark of hope renewed. Eyes remain open barely before

blinded by magnificence. The sun and clouds unseen, but

chrysales creating a state of piece. A lack of warmth prompts

eyes to shut. They open momentarily until blind to shut.

Perplexed- Pharaoh remains on the shore. Kafka– in-joy in

simplicity, but will later need to talk about Meaning, Form, Pronunciation

He wishes that like the waves receding– there would be no objective,

but methodology is required to gain paper. A certificate to travel the world

easily granted if enough liquidity sacrificed. Sanity forfeited, but one week later

solvency retained. A test to lay in the sand, resting and observing like he

is observed. Instructed by the light to personalize each less-on.

Keeping it simple he closes his eyes. Manipulating them untrue

of his lessons aim. He must kiss this out. He must remain above

the surface. Beneath it is beyond the scopes of the smile.

Luckily, Spyro spared him only for an hour.





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