My Favorite Spots in Barcelona

  1. George Payne Irish Pub -Every Thursday and Sunday they have karaoke night. Its a pretty good mix of locals and travelers, and all four times I went, I went by myself and had the most enjoyable nights of my trip here. If you have no fear on an open mic than this spot is for you. The crowd is extremely supportive and the DJ Andres is awesome. I sadly didn’t take many photos here, but its by far my favorite spot in Barcelona on karaoke night.IMG_5334
  2.  Reem Al Bawadai– Unfortunately, this place probably has around 1,000 euros of mine over the last month since I’m a bit of a shisha addict. The food here is incredible though. I highly recommend the Kafta combination, and their house wine is delicious. Found myself getting more in root with my Arabic origin and shazamming a lot of the music they play to listen to later! Football games are always available on game days, so if you’re an FC Barcelona fan definitely stop by.

3. La Desayuneria– Breakfest served all day. If you’re not afraid to cheat on your diet and have some unbelievable breakfast food then definitely consider it a cheat day. The nutella pancakes and bacon/eggs Maria Antoinettes are absolutely amazing. The staff is extremely attentive and sweet and always kept me company while working on my lesson plans or  my blogs. Its actually my last day in Barcelona right now, and luckily I live extremely close, so was fortunate to have my last meal here 🙂

4. Petit Pot Cafe– Out of all the spots previously mentioned this is by far the most chillaxed. The owners Ernie and Andres are super friendly and welcomed me back every time I came back. This spot was conveniently right next to George Payne and a 5 minute walk from my language school, so it was a nice lunch spot to work on lesson plans or assignments. They have multiple comfy couches and big tables in the back for big groups. Great spot to meet new people. I definitely wish I came here more during the last month.

5. Makamaka Burger Hut– Another spot with a laid back, yet more upbeat vibe. Located at the edge of Barceloneta it has some delicious yet affordable burgers in comparison with the rest of the restaurants along the boardwalk. The staff is awesome and they play a lot of rockabilly and classic rock. Try a hot mama or juicy chick burger and one of their mojitos!


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