Jason Mraz in Buddhapest Tonight!! Conversation with Myself Part 3

Sherif: So we’re doing one of these again?

Pharaoh: Yeah I think its time you get some things sorted out. The last few weeks have been a mess. Wait, why didn’t you post the Conversation With Myself Song by Jason?

Sherif: Have they been that bad? And I posted that song the last two conversations with you that I’ve had. This is my #1 favorite Jason Mraz song I’m praying he’ll play tonight, and figured our followers should get more diversity in his music.
Conversation With Myself
Conversation With Myself Part 2

Pharaoh: You’ve had loads of fun. You’ve met some gorgeous girls that nothing happened with, but still were happy small talking and singing at karaoke bars with them. You sparked some bromances as well in Barcelona, but the liquidity you sacrificed which has erased any solvency or potential of staying in Europe is inexcusable. You can’t dump money on eating out, shisha, and drinking everyday. Its just not ok.

Sherif: But I needed to smoke and drink to cope with how depressed I was. I hated my colleagues. They were so phony and giddy. I can’t handle overly flamboyant people. They’re fake as hell. You’re right though. I did have some cool experiences in Barcelona. At a high cost, but the cost wasn’t directly related to the experiences. It was the cost of my own degeneracy.

Pharaoh:  Yes, so be more appreciative of your time there! I’d like to hope we’ve gotten past the pity parties you constantly throw. Instead of binging wine and beer why don’t you write more and have a green tea party in this chill Budapest cafe like you are right now? Why didn’t you spend more time cafes in Barcelona?

Sherif: Yeah you’re right. And Idk smoking and drinking is relaxing, but I’ve been abusing both substances. Um, so should I talk to those cute Hungarian girls sitting next to me? I’ve bugged them a couple of times with random questions about photos for my blog, and they were responsive, but they may have just been being polite.

Pharaoh: Did you ever consider the fact that you try to force things and by trying to alter the flow you desynchronize yourself with it? Also let them be, be polite and say thanks for their help before leaving, and leave with a smile on your face.

Sherif: Yeah, that makes sense. And thanks for the advice 🙂

Pharaoh: You should be more responsible for your own internal flow and stop trying to be a rain man or some shit.

Sherif: You mean like Dustin Hoffman in Rainman with Tom Cruise counting cards, or Ted Mosby dancing on top of his apartments in NY hoping to make it rain?

Pharaoh: Um… just stop trying to force shit. Think about how you met Manami and Michelle. Manami came up to you at a Japanese festival asking you to buy some squid! She was new in America and was impressed by your Japanese. At first you weren’t even attracted to her, but then later walked into her restaurant and were like holy god damn what was I missing out on? Then with Michelle you were just your normal goofball self at the poker table. She found you interesting and funny and you decided to start dating. Girls normally come to you. Stop going up to them.

Sherif: Well I can’t just wait for them to fall into my lap forever.

Pharaoh: You don’t have to! If its an organic situation or a place where people naturally meet people go up and talk to them. If they’re glued to their phones walking down the street, I don’t care how cute you think they are. Its fucking creepy if you approach them.

Sherif: What if that girl walking down the street glued to her phone was the one though!? She could’ve been the one bro!!

Pharaoh: You do have a point. I guess with women the best attitude is to not give a fuck. Not to not give a fuck about them or about yourself with them, but don’t be so results-oriented, if they don’t like you or don’t vibe with you, and not to take it personally. You also are likely a bit socially awkward right now since you were so isolated for 6 months.

Sherif: I don’t think I’m that awkward. I’m pretty chill when people give me the time of day, but I struggle with small talk.

Pharaoh: Practice then! The next time you meet some don’t say anything serious! Just bullshit with them. People like bullshitting about pointless things. They like being made fun of in a playful way, and that’ll make them maybe make fun of you in a playful way as well. Have fun and stop taking everything so seriously.

Tyler: Should I put it on your action item list? Should I e-mail it to you? You decide your own level of involvement!

Jack: You should’ve told me. I just want to know certain things.

Tyler: Stop trying to control everything and just let go.

-Tyler Durden (Fight Club)

Sherif: Oh wow, that totally explains everything. Maybe if I let go of my expectations I’d be put in a better state to actually manifest what I want externally.

Pharaoh: Yes, yes yes! You even wrote about that before leaving for Barcelona, but you reverted back to your own ways.

Sherif: Yeah you’re right. Ok, so we need to finish this post because its a beautiful day outside and we should start touristing around.

Pharaoh: Umm.. yeah hurry the hell up and finish this. The last thing I wanted to ask you about is the Jason Mraz concert dummy!

Sherif: Oh yeah we were too busy working out my problems that we forgot to talk about the concert.

Pharaoh: Lol you sound like Smeagol right now!


Sherif: hahahahaha you dick! My preciousssss

Pharaoh: lmfao 😉 so yeah the Jason Mraz concert. Are you ready for a date with Jason? Maybe some more conversations with yourself?

Sherif: Oh hell yeah, I don’t even know his newest album, but I know that Jason will play a lot of songs from his first few albums. He always takes care of his true fans that have been so loyal all the years.

Pharaoh: Yeah Jason is an awesome guy. The one lyric I’ll never forget of his is from live high, how reality is malleable and we are the creators of our lives. He’s truly incredible. You should be so happy right now to be seeing him in just 5-6 hours!

Sherif: Yes I am, I’ll sing my heart out to every song I know. I’ll chat with the people around me, girls, dudes, old people, I don’t care.

Pharaoh: Have you noticed old people are the easiest people to talk to?

Sherif: Maybe its because I don’t have any expectations with them, and they’re a perfect epitome of the single-serving friends concept. You don’t expect to see an old guy again or become best friends, and you’re not trying to have sex with an old lady, so both of your guards are unveiled.

Pharaoh: There ya go kid, finally some wisdom out of you.

Sherif: Yeah, so for my last 6 days I’m going to let my guard down. Smile more, laugh, and enjoy all the random people I meet. If they’re single serving thats cool, but if we stay friends thats even cooler. I will enjoy the brita filter just as much as I enjoy the random bottle of Aquafina. The giant carton of Suave as much as I enjoy the tiny package of shampoo in my hotel.

Pharaoh: Alright, we’re going to have one more of these before you return to the states, but I want to see progress in you. Have the time of your life tonight, but first make sure you tourist around a little bit and don’t spend anymore time blogging.

Sherif: But I have to read @la Ronda Moore’s he listens before I leave.

Pharaoh: Oh shit yeah, you need to do that, but then gtfo this cafe and explore.

Sherif: Aye aye captain, thanks for the pep talk.

Pharaoh: Any time kiddo, deuces.


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