To Japan

I’ve been doing job apps to various teaching programs and haven’t been able to catch much of a break. I received one offer from a company in Japan, but would only be paid 2200 a month for 40 hour work weeks with children. Most companies have their teachers working 25-30 hour work weeks, and I don’t think I have the energy for that much this early in my career, so I will hold out for better.

I’m not sure when I’ll finally get to Japan– when I’ll finally be able to either begin or continue in my teaching career. One thing I do know, though, is that for the longest time all I’ve wanted is to Immerse myself in Japanese culture. This is what I put on my job apps, but the real reason I learned Japanese is because I want to meet a gorgeous Japanese girl, marry her, have adorable half Japanese babies, and start a new life in the incredible country. Thats my dream.

My fascination with the Japanese started at an early age. Growing up in Ann Arbor, Michigan our next door neighbors were this Japanese family of 4. Yuki and Iyako were like my older sisters, and our moms were best friends. We sadly lost contact when I was 12 after they had returned to Japan, but I’ll never forget watching Sailor Moon, eating sushi, them failing at trying to get me to eat raw tomatoes, and having awesome Teppanyaki at this spot called Champion House with our families. I’ll also never forget playing on teeter totters by this pond in the neighboring condo complex and collecting tad poles in the streams. I suppose that these memories manifested in me as I grew older.

I often wonder if my dream of finding love in Japan is a pipe dream. If I had found work in Spain, stayed, and found some Spanish girl I wouldn’t have left should our relationship worked long term. I’m not close-minded at all, but I definitely have a preference when it comes to girls. I feel like I’m getting towards that age in life where I’d like to give love another chance and hopefully settle down if it seems right. Ok thats a euphemism for what I am, I’m a genuine hopeless romantic Ted Mosby. I do know this– had I not fucked it up with Manami and we lasted 6 months-1 year longer I would’ve bought a ring. I had the idea in the back of my head, but I just wasn’t emotionally ready yet. I bet a lot of you think I’m still not, but I think I’m getting close.

People say that 25 is young, but if you think about it its really not that young if you’re behind in life. You should have a steady career, or on your way to getting a steady career. If you want to have kids I seriously think you should do so before 35. My mom had me when she was 42 and she’s always seemed like this chill old hippie grandma, which is cool, but she’s now growing senile and towards the end of her life which is a bit sad. We have issues and are likely co-dependent, so hopefully I can get a job, become financially independent, and get the fuck away from her before she causes more toxic destruction in my life.

After Budapest I’ll be returning to the states because the money finally ran out, but will likely be snapping off any reasonable offer in Japan, Thailand, if Krabi or Phuket, Vietnam, or China.

I tried to map out my life and wanted to gain experience in Spain while taking side trips and seeing the rest of Europe, but this wasn’t possible due to the prejudice against Americans within the EU. It likely could have been possible if I kept trying and had been more proactive, and hadn’t left Spain, but it is what it is.

I’d like to think that this was a sign not to prolong the inevitable of ending up in Asia and likely never leaving. I’m not sure where I will end up, and am done having any sort of expectations, but will take whatever seems right at the time.

I truly hope that my dream comes true and have a similar experience to Tom Cruise in the Last Samurai. I have such a horrific past I’d like to forget, and feel that teaching in Asia might be exactly what I need spiritually in the here and now. I’m not sure when it will happen, but I truly hope that my journey to Japan will allow me to fully immerse myself in a culture I’ve been so greatly enamored to for so long and find love that will last.

Japan EDC



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