Phoneless Pharaohing Part 3– Jason Mraz Concert in Budapest

Upon receiving my ticket from the admission counter it said, row 2 seat 1. I immediately became ecstatic at the fact that I would be in the 2nd row for my favorite singer of all time! I sat next to a girl who was studying in Budapest, originally from Turkey. She had also studied in Sydney and LA, another perfect single serving friend for the night. A girl who said she didn’t like L.A because she needed to be surrounded by people (go figure), was actually by herself at a Jason Mraz concert. I told her I liked doing things by myself, but do enjoy a few close, genuine people in my life. I also told her my predicament about my phone and she agreed she would send me some photos later. I’ll get to that later though.

I was so happy to see Jason come out first, without having to see any warmup bands, and without any band accompanying him. My heart fluttered at a solo acoustic concert for the next 3 hours with him.

I didn’t know the first two songs Jason played from his most recent album, but then came on Tonight Not Again. This was by far my favorite song from the performance. Halfway through the song Jason gave the following dialogue:

“I’ve been singing this song for a long time. Since 1999. Back in 1999 I didn’t have many songs, so I’d have to jazz it up. Scoo ba wee woo ay nahhhh woo. La-la-love, love-ah-ley, la-la-love, love-ah-ley. I often used to sing songs to try to get girls, but eventually I realized I started singing for myself. Singing has been what has brought me the most joy in life. And when I make a mistake or run out of words, I just go with the jaaaazzzzz. Say it, say it, say it again! When I first started singing I also didn’t have much lyrics for my songs, so I just started singing about love. More people started showing up to my concerts. When I ran out of ideas in the first A luh la laugh la love lovely!” -Jason Mr. A-Z

Jason spoke of the importance of always being true to yourself. It honestly made me sad when he said this. I feel like I don’t even know myself anymore. I don’t know what I want to do long term right now. Teaching is… alright, but I don’t think I could survive off the non-existent salary I’ll receive teaching, especially with the lifestyle poker gave me before. I do enjoy teaching, but I don’t really think I could see myself doing it forever. The ongoing construction process is frightening, but out of all the things I thought of doing, if I could do anything with my life, I would want to become a novelist. I’ve said it before in a few of my posts, but I think teaching would be a means to an ends of exploring the world and meeting a bunch of colorful people which could stimulate ideas for writing novels.

It might be a machiavellian approach to traveling and pursuing my newly inspired dream as a novelist. It might be the only option I have right now. It might be what changes my life and teaches me how to live a less material and more modest life, and finally allows me to separate from my delusional, enabling mom.

I was in-joy the whole night. I thought of Masami and how we shared a mutual love for Jason Mraz on our first date and would sing along to a lot of his songs when we drove around Las Vegas, but then went back to the here and now and focused on the words Jason sang. I sang along and paid special attention to the consciousness Jason tried to cultivate through his speeches the rest of the concert.

“I’ve met a lot of girls during my day. They’ve all taught me something. I’ve loved each and every one of them, but prior to meeting my wife, I’ve learned that I can’t just be the best me I can be. I have to be able to fix a toilet if it breaks. I have to be able to fix her car if it breaks. My grandpa was this kind of guy and always reminded me to try to be resourceful, modest, and humble.” -Jason– Frankie D. Fixer.

“I’ve written a lot of songs for girls I’ve dated, but this one was actually for a stripper. She took a lot from me that night, but I’m happy for that experience because I took from her the ideas for this song.” -Butterfly

“I feel that I sing because I want to raise awareness to the world. That there is some higher power out in the vast intelligence of stars. Something I can’t define and can’t name. When I met my wife, she said that her higher power was mother nature. I couldn’t argue with that. This song is for her.” -Earth Song

“I must admit I can’t play the piano very well. If I wasn’t singing enough slow love songs for you tonight, I’m about to play a song thats even slower. I need to make sure you’re all paying attention because if I don’t make a mistake every now and then how else would you not know this isn’t a recording. mmm cc ahhh cc mmm cc ahh mmm cc aaah (beat boxing). My parents paid for piano lessons when I was growing up. They also bought e a mo-ped to get to the piano lessons. Sadly, though, I only went on and on on that mo-ped, free and alive, and not to those piano lessons. If I make any mistakes tonight its karma for not going to piano lessons” – Song unkown likely off Yes Album

First Jason played Lucky

“Well I must admit that singing has been the biggest joy in my life, but when someone came up to me at one of my many concerts he had been to, he told me that my words are what inspired him to pursue his dream of traveling the world as a pilot. Felix where are you felix? I know you’re somewhere in the audience. Alright come up to the stage Felix…. oh and bring your pretty gf thats cool too, SECURITY! hahaha”

Felix got on the stage and attempted to sing a little something

We met in Hong Kong
Joy in Hanoi
Flying together
Around The Globe

Felix tried a couple of times, but he had butterflies in his stomach. Felix shortly afterwards got on his knee and asked her to continue flying around the world with him for the rest of their life. She, of course, said yes.

Jason honored their engagement with I’m Yours.

Many other songs I loved that he played throughout the night were
1. Be Honest With Me
2. Own Shit
3. 93 Million Lives
4. I wont Give up (closer)

A few people rushed the stage during this concert, so unknowing that ‘I won’t Give Up’ was his closer I rushed the stage as well to request Please Don’t Tell Her or Zero Percent Interest. The single serving Turkish girl had already left by time I got back to my seat, so I guess I don’t have any photos for you. Go figure, the girl blinged out with jewelry and layers of makeup wouldn’t bother waiting for me to send me photos. She must’ve been too busy to wait an extra 2-3 minutes. I guess she didn’t want to see if Jason Mraz would come out for a standing ovation, because there was something of dire importance she needed to attend to.

It doesn’t bother me though. This was by far the most incredible concert I have ever attended. Previously it was Sting when I was 5 years old with my douchebag mom outside the Pyramids in Egypt. I didn’t even know Sting at the time, but I remember gazing at him illuminated under the pyramids with total eyes of a child focusing solely on the lights and the monuments behind opposed to the lyrics. Tonight I felt that I was able to appreciate a concert as an adult to the fullest. I loved the different mauve, navy blue, and lightish red, than engulfed Jason throughout the night. I loved singing along with him to a few of my favorite songs. I loved closing my eyes and being able to confront my spies and send them away.

Thank you Jason. There have been many dark times in my life over the years, but you are one of the people that has helped me continue treading on in the open water with no ship in sight. I hope that one day I’ll be able to get out of this shit storm. I’ve started unfolding in Barcelona, and I sadly have been enabled by an indifferent mother who just shovels more money at a completely addictive and miserable, even suicidal lost kid, but I’d like to think that soon I’ll fully get away from her and find my own way independently. I’m so grateful for your words Jason. I promise that I will get myself out of this and honor your performance last night. If anything I’m trying to practice gratitude for how amazing a night you gave me last night, even if while writing this in my hotel room right now the tears are streaming down my face.



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