Silently staring across a meadow tapping

the felt. Waiting to see if the story unfolds

as expected. A senseless line transparent.

Rewinding each road and seeing the

subjectivity of his flow. Back broken

but tower rising.

A masked ninja checks  back planning

his next assault. No physical tell can

be spotted, but the bubbles are apparent

from the steaming kettle plotted. With a

little Luck the trap ensnares. Checking to

see if the shells reveal a predestined fate.

The river falls and he checks again. Waiting

for the ninja to swing his sword. The ninja

solely has air and the gecko waits like a

chameleon. Across the meadow tapping

the felt he waits to inhale the treasure.

check 2

Photo credit to my good friend Mark 🙂 Thanks buddy


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