How Many More Years

How many more years?

An unanswered shriek

piercing the most prized armor.

A web of convoluted lies silencing

all volume. A Later now repeatedly

howling a prior. Here, you no longer are

replaced by your ghost that remains

forgetting all from before. Shackled by time

ticking slowly on its finite path with

clear blood trickling from your breasts

leaving no droplets to trail.

Chased away you still cannot be.

How many more years later

until you see that you must

refuse to return to me?


3 thoughts on “How Many More Years

      1. Awesome! I wasn’t sure which came first, the photo or the poem. 🙂 Sometimes I’ll write a poem based off of something I see like a photo or painting! Not too often lately, though. But it happens.

        Liked by 1 person

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