Only A Small Flicker

Floating gracefully like a dove
Proposal accepted in Ali’s ring
Split wings tattered an encore
At the center they’ll even the score

Dominion of the core unshared
In stillness armed cowboys stare
Monitored by Ford a belt away
Pistols twirled yet no time to spare

Subjected simulations stagnant
Scorched slippers on coal pavement
Roasting on the course they sprung
Burnt fathers over the railing hung

Step inside the ring said Belial
Abandoned he continues to bicker
Karuna absorbed insects smiled
Abandoned by only a small flicker

Echoing chirps along the pathway
Revitalized men jogging quicker
Ammunition depleted they pray
Rejoined by only a small flicker


3 thoughts on “Only A Small Flicker

    1. Thank you! It actually is supposed to be happy in the end though ahhh lol. Just by a small flicker of light, or the insects smiling, consciousness abandoned the ego, Belial, in the the ring. And in the last stanza consciousness is revitalized, being at one with all things, rejoined in the light.

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