Pawns are not necessary here. The king makes all the moves. His queen doesn’t fight his battles for him. She is him. Her wisdom is the only strategy used. Orientation and direction amorphous like a chameleon on its perch. Mourning depleted to knight’s crown.

Tears and cuts are not necessary here. Deterioration is welcomed to preserve the internal reservoir’s purity. Contents continuously distilled despite any control or influence from the environment that supplies. Toxins channeled.

Denial and nostalgia are not necessary here. Past shortcomings are lessons or inspirations for future growth after separation. Delicately composing an alternate script without a pen inched. Seeped blood nourishing daisies to grow tall spilled by scraped knees on the concrete. Compassion cultivated.

Hatred and fear are not necessary here. Enemies, as do ourselves, receive forgiveness, not from freely requesting, but from a higher level of compassion costing infinite courage. Rejection of self-written prophecies by dousing the fire. Having not succumb to, but battling upstream despite the flow. Infinite capacitor manifested.

Love and admiration are potent here. Friends brutally torture because they are currently residing beyond the outskirts of the kingdom. Distorted is the currency of their crimes in their own minds. Inevitably returning to the light despite a lifetime in the shadows as acidic adults. Children patiently waiting to be reincarnated.


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