The Blacktop

In air, flying between

downtown and sanctuary

to a nest of validation. Unborn

chickens treasured– poached eggs

when rattling the rim. Not dunks tallied,

but intangible shots that births the blacktop.

Noah’s ark containing all creatures of all

colors. Brothers and sisters frolicking

under the rim. Hatched through

pelted drops of sweat on tar

fields of black and white.


3 thoughts on “The Blacktop

    1. Hey, thanks so much for sharing another one of my posts. I must admit that I’ve been feeling a little disheartened because my blog has been kinda stagnant in terms of following, but to know I have 5-10 devout followers that have enjoyed my poetry and travel adventures since the beginning makes me not sweat it as much and want to continue! Thank you again


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