Upwards and Onwards to Phuket

My month long job hunt is finally over. As you all know I really wanted to go to Japan. I was turned down after two seemingly promising interviews with a school in Kochi, Japan. I  also turned down a different recruiter in Tokyo because I didn’t like the terms of the contract, and at the time the thought of teaching 40 hours a week with kids sounded way too much for me. Although living in Japan has been a dream of mine for years, I also am eager to explore other parts of the world, and have said so before that I would be open minded towards getting experience elsewhere if the right opportunity came my way. I was offered a job in Phuket, Thailand, and of course, I said yes!! 🙂

I remember prior to leaving for Barcelona in February that I thought of a few places where I would really want to live. Tokyo, of course, was up there, as well as Seoul from traveling there last summer, and then Phuket or Krabi because they both look spectacular. When the opportunity came up, I didn’t really see how I could deny it just to keep waiting around for Japan when it was a place I had previously imagined myself living in. I’m trying to plan out every detail of my life less, and seize and enjoy opportunities more when within grasp.

I’m leaving Sunday for Bangkok. I arrive Monday in the middle of the night, and after having spent a week in Bangkok last summer, sadly leaving with a torn ACL, I feel like I only need a couple of days to see a few things I missed before. I’m more excited to get to Phuket ASAP since I didn’t get to see it last summer and am really just ready to relax on a beach again while savoring every drop of coconut water. Of course, I don’t expect this to be a daily thing, once work starts, but being able to do so and explore other islands nearby on weekends when possible sounds wonderful. From looking around blogs and trip advisor the islands, waterfalls, and jungle trips just look breathtaking.

phuket 4

On weekdays I’ll try to make the most of my time with my students. As I learned from my CELTA, my lessons go best when I’m more of a facilitator and less of a teacher. I feel that when I try to explain things, or get stuck on the board is when they lose interest, or my own confidence waivers. When I personalized lead-ins to build rapport, but kept them short and included the students as much as possible, it kept them drawn, participating, and provided fluid transition into task setting. When I included them in task setting by modeling or eliciting to ensure they understood before proceeding, it allowed me to then monitor more effectively to check for global errors during feedback afterwards. I have to teach, but I have to do so in a way that facilitates flow between tasks and between each other.

I’m truly grateful for this opportunity and hope that I can increase their English ability as much as possible while making it enjoyable for us all. 4 days until I leave for Bangkok and then less than two weeks until I meet my students. I can’t wait! 🙂


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