Bangkok, What I did, What I missed

Wow, I’m about to return to Bangkok tomorrow! Its been nice being back home, seeing my friends a little after Europe, but of course, am glad to finally be getting back abroad and to start teaching again. Over the last week I have been reminiscing and looking through old photos, and I’ve been growing more and more pumped as the days have wound down. In this post I’ll talk about what I did last summer, and what I didn’t get around to but plan to this time before moving on to teach in Phuket.

1. Khao San Road – The first night in I went to Khao San Road since I wanted to get massages. The two things I looked forward to most before arriving were certainly $8-$10 massages and the street food. Throughout the long strip of bars, restaurants, street vendors of art, and my favorite of all, massage shops, Khao San Road had both.
Met some down to earth people up and down the strip, sang Because I got High by Afrojack with a bunch of random tourists, and became thrilled turning each corner as it seemed that several of the bars I passed all had different groups or soloists playing Red Hot Chili Peppers or Sublime.

2. I ate a Scorpion – This was actually in Khao San road. When it comes to food that doesn’t involve raw tomatoes, I’ll almost try anything once just for the sake of a good story.  This is definitely true by the look on my face; a slight grin of excitement, slight because of the overwhelming, but insufficient reluctance because my mind was already made up. I decided to go with a scorpion, and I must admit that I will never do it again. Well, a scorpion at least, other insects are open game LOL. Its as crunchy as it would look if not more, and extremely salty. However, I managed to get it down, and felt accomplished in having done so!

3. Wat Pho – The temple of the reclining Buddha symbolic of when the Buddha reached Nirvana and could just lean back.


Before entering definitely grab some coconut ice cream in a coconut and watch out for the guard upon getting inside!

Once you get in there will be a spot where you can light some incense and say a few prayers! May we all one day be able to recline in Nirvana like the Buddha!


Seeing Train to Busan at Terminal 21- For the past few days, I actually had a girl friend more or less that I had been meeting with every day. She was an amazing tour guide, extremely sweet, and always wanted to see me, so couldn’t really have asked for a better friend while abroad for a few days. She wanted to see a movie, so we went to Terminal 21, a gargantuan shopping mall. It has 9 stories and over 600 shops, so highly recommend checking it out if you’re looking to shop while in Thailand. In terms of selection its incredible, but I didn’t think the prices were that cheaper than Western prices. I actually thought shopping was cheaper in Budapest comparatively when I was just there snooping around Plaza Arena.


I’d actually like to make a separate post sooner or later about Train to Busan. In short, it is not a simple horror story. It is a movie that beautifully depicts that despite any catastrophic circumstances or hardships, that you are accountable for your own attitude, actions, and ultimately how you will be remembered when you die. That despite any mistakes made in the past that its never too late to change. Its a Korean movie, so there were both Thai and English subtitles which I found pretty cool. A trilingual movie experience! This is my favorite horror movie, and likely in my top 15 overall. I would rate it a 9/10

train to busan

Around soi 14-16 on the same road there is also a small Korea town where you can get delicious drinks and ice cream. After the movie on the way back to my hotel to swim we stopped for some. That massive choclate mountain we ate was surreal. IMG_4351

5. Wandering Around Siam In Search of Street Food – Do you know how while you’re looking for something, you don’t necessarily find it, but end up finding all sorts of equally or even better things along the way? Since I had been in love with street food I wanted to dedicate a day to just street food, so Stormy suggested we go to Siam. Lets call her Stormy.

We got off the BTS at the Siam stop and after wandering for a while and not finding a  massive area full of street food that she was telling me about we stumbled upon a park. The clouds were sullen this day and spreading quickly, darkening more with time inevitably hinting to us it would imminently rain an that we should find cover. We found these swan boats and happily peddled around the pond in shelter. Was nice listening to the drum line on the roof of our boat being orchestrated by rain pellets. Not to mention, this was extremely romantic 🙂

After the rain subsided we got out of our swan boat and then saw signs for a snake farm. As a kid I used to actually want to be herpetologist. I was obsessed with snakes, so shows like Jeff Corwin, and of course, the Crocodile Hunter were my favorites. RIP Steve Irwin. Stormy was scared of snakes, so said she’d wait outside for me while I went in.

Afterwards we finally found the long block of street food. The aromas walking around was wonderful. I looked for foods I hadn’t tried yet already this week, and these are what I found. The sausages were actually sweet while the noodles were spicy in the first photo. The soup on the right was extremely tangy and had tofu and chicken, and the soup on the bottom left was some sort of spicy chicken noodle soup if I recall correctly. I haven’t the slighest idea what any of these are called. I’m just a gluttonous garbage disposal and happily eat what I find that looks good! Nom nom nom 🙂

I’ll be leaving for Bangkok 16 hours from now and have a pretty good idea of what I’d like to do again from the previous items below.

1. Khao San- I definitely have to go back to Khao San. Its a great mix of tourists and locals, so plan on having some drinks and talking to people. The best part of traveling to me are the organic encounters with people you wouldn’t have met otherwise. Also need to eat something else crazy now that scorpion has been crossed off my list. My motto while traveling is site see hard during the day and party harder at night hahahaha.

2. Wat Phra Keaw – When Stormy and I went to Wat Pho, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha was close by, but due to the crazy rain that began we got into a taxi and went home. I definitely hope to check it out this time around!

3. Safari Park and Marine World – A zoo where you get to have close up encounters with animals and even feed them. Since I saw my favorite species before, snakes, would love to be able to see some other’s and would love to feed them.

Can’t wait to leave tomorrow! Will keep you updated!

– Pharaoh


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