The Idiot- Book Review

Dostoevsky perfectly describes a pure soul in human form. A man incapable of association with his egoic mind– who can have compassion for those who swindle, mock, and slash any insult at him with malicious intent. Our Prince, with eyes of a child, unable to be tainted by the distorted minds of adults, finds beauty in all things– at-one with everything and in pure blissful happiness despite any toxicity around him or subjected to.

Our Prince, The Idiot, shows up to St. Petersburg from Switzerland and finds a way to immerse himself in the Russian aristocracy. Detested by all, and not indifferent, not ignorant to their disdain, but empathetic, or in hopes of trying to understand and find his own fault for their hatred, he is an icon of how we would like to be able to handle situations. At times, I genuinely would love to slap him on the head, but know that I shouldn’t, but should strive to be more like him. Dostoevsky makes this point repeatedly through many different symbols– Ippolits dream, The Poor Knight, etc.

Torn in the middle between two absolutely insane Russian women, and drunken men looking to take advantage of our prince, we see him pour his love into the world, whether the world is accepting of it or not. Our poor Knight– our prince Myshkin– you are at the epitome of chivalry and you are awesome. Cannot say how amazing of a character you are!

Although I’m on team Aglaia and she was my favorite character, I’d like to thank Natasya Filipovna, for inspiring my poem Accountability. hehehe

I could not put the book down and will definitely have to read more Dostoevsky! If you haven’t read this yet, I implore you to check it out! 🙂


6 thoughts on “The Idiot- Book Review

    1. I’m actually planning on re-reading crime and punishment, since I vaguely remember it from high school haha. You’re right Russian literature is incredible. I’ll add Master and Margarita to my reading list for sooner or later as well. Thanks for the recommendation!! 🙂

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