My 2nd Adventure in Bangkok

Incase you missed it, I made my first post about Bangkok a week or so ago.
Bangkok, What I did, What I missed. It went into what I did last summer in Bangkok, and what I would have liked to do this trip that I missed out on the first time. Extremely happy with my couple days, so thought I’d share some pretty incredible experiences I had this time around.

1. Boating trip through Chaphaya river and Mon canal- Last trip I had gone to Wat Pho, but had missed out on Wat Phra Keaw, the temple of the emerald Buddha. I truly wanted to see Wat Phra Keaw this time around, so asked a Tuk Tuk to take me for 300 Baht. Instead he suggest a boat trip which would allow me to see a floating city on sticks on a network of canals. The trip was an hour and a half long and had all sorts of surprises in store that I’m grateful I was able to witness. I bartered my boat fare down fro 2500 baht to 1000 baht. From what I’ve read online you can get it down to 700 baht, but I thought 1000 baht was fair ($30).

The beginning on the trip gave a good view of all the different skyscrapers enclosing the Chaphaya river. A faint splash of the water every now and then, and a tickle of the wind was euphoric.


When we reached the network of canals many temples would emerge as we wound around the maze amazed by all the different sights to be seen on this trip.


There were far more than four. One thing about this trip was that even though is was tranquil and instilled a sense of freedom and awe I hadn’t felt in a while, that it was a bit of a challenge. Taking photos was difficult because I had to time the shots with the speed of the boat as well as manage both sides progressing forward. Sometimes I would get a bit frustrated by missing something I found extraordinarily beautiful that I wasn’t able to capture, but that frustration would soon subside as the next incredible sight emerged in the distance.


Like these beautiful flowers and trees!


And a glimpse into the homes of the Thai people. Seeing their living conditions was also extremely humbling. Its pretty incredible that most Thai people live off $300-$400/month, and I would imagine that they’re much happier than others are with more.

2. Wat Arun- My boat ride finished at Wat Arun. The view from the boat leading up to the docks.


Wat Arun had beautiful gardens and all sorts of fierce guardians. IMG_0287IMG_0288IMG_0294IMG_0295

Inside of all things, at-one, lies the Buddha. The hidden treasure ready to be manifested. Despite any amount of guards an inner stillness cannot be shielded from attainment


And the treasure is found when you have fun, smile, explore, fail, learn, and are honest with yourself to continue growing as each step of life is climbed. No summit reached and no arrival at any destination.


3. Wat Phra Kaew (Temple of the Emerald Buddha)-  I felt agape walking around this temple. Beautiful diamonds everywhere, iridescent and reflecting back an inner light we all share. Ironically the Emerald Buddha used to be held at Wat Arun, but was relocated to Wat Phra Kaew! Go figure!?



4. Street Food – My favorite part of Thailand in general is the food. I could eat Thai street food everyday, and have a feeling that that might be what happens for a while while living here since its cheap, convenient, explores every taste you could imagine, and there are just so many options! A few of the foods I tried over my couple days in Bangkok.

Squid, shrimp, and fried eggs



Chicken Gizzards and chicken feet

Was a wonderful 2 days, and now I am in Phuket. Hope to be able to share some more travel adventures with you soon 🙂



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