Side by Side

Light filters barely

through a small crack

in the blinds. An angel’s

runway modeled on the ceiling.

Inverted fantasies awoken as she dreams.

Wishing for similar solace as soft eyelashes

brush against a furry treasure chest– locked

as she holds the key. A medium closed by his

affinity for dichotomy.  Invisible behind her

shadow. Choosing to ignore infinite options

available, but continuing  to dream to walk

beside her while she sleeps. The nightmare

continues as the Status Quo persists. She’ll

wake soon. An opportunity for him to let

go of an attachment– never failing and

surely disappointing. A clear prompt

to discover the golden road of which

she effortlessly paints with wings

side by side. A means to end the

debilitation and acquiring his

own halo– finally joining her

slumber unperturbed.

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