Heart to Heart

Spider man zip lines from heart to heart
Using radar in the murky blind dark
Behind a masked facade, eyes closed from the start
Sculpted bodies scraping without a spark

This diction implies friction
For how long out of synchronicity?
With the heavenly sway of her body
Ignorant to overwhelming electricity

Fireworks internally imploding
Misconception of the soul eroding
A faulty schematic in perception
Devoted to milking the next erection

Galaxies disperse to the infinite
If only to thwart the seemingly permanent
Fluids exchanged and flowing heavily
An availability manifested if only ready

Mary Jane betrayed as he sticks each wall
Her broken heart reflecting his free fall
From a skyscraper down to his bloody demise
Each time he rationalizes his lies

Dear Spiderman, you are the most bad ass superhero ever! Sorry I had to exploit you for the sake of my erotica lol.

Image taken from: http://www.loverofsadness.net/show_picture.php?tag=blood


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