Treasure Chest

The roses on your breasts
Silky, thornless, and so sweet
As we connect our treasure chests
Any sorrow stored will surely deplete

You grasp my firm buttocks and guide
Like a jackhammer on a scorching sidewalk pried
open to the center of the beautiful planet
Getting hotter and damper– an unyielding magnet

You throw your arms around my neck
Suddenly I’m on my back and you’re on deck
A majestic stallion galloping effortlessly
Binding me to those flowers ever so gracefully

The bed becomes drenched with our sweat
In this eternal sanctum nothing is a threat
Bounded bodies create a supernova like no other
An iridescent ocean where we walk on water

Switch once more in perfect synchronicity
Until the culmination of this perfect symphony
A gentle kiss from you, intertwined– we’re still meshed
As I stroke those roses, the keys to your chest

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