A Fleeting Dream

As always, some hauntingly beautiful music, this time orchestral, from my favorite video game of all time FFX. There is also a poem to go along with it from the perspective of Yuna. Really hope you like both 🙂

Striding forward to the end of the world.

The lost city of the dead. Your dream that ended

in which you had to see with your own eyes. Mine

still alive with you– engulfed in pyreflies. Fighting fiends,

each battle won brought me closer to my demise. Summoning

all of me, mind and body ready while time no longer flies. Every

second closer feels like an eternity– hands clasped my sheathe for

your artillery. Brotherhood discarded for what the celestial mirror bore.

Pools of blue and roads of cyan and violet. Intertwined galaxies while we

walk on to the final summoning. I always stared back at each panorama

that I never thought again I’d be seeing. A smile across your handsome

face, one I would’ve gladly died for, if only you existed. Our kisses

felt real. Our bodies like pretzels, salty, sweaty were so exquisite.

Our eyes closed floating across the canopy in the moonlight.

You were a dream of the faith, but I felt it true you were

also my knight. Vanquishing sin for the faith to sleep.

If only I knew someday this dream would fleet.



2 thoughts on “A Fleeting Dream

  1. Thank you Didi, I am so grateful that you thought of me for this!!

    I’m really dreadful with WordPress, and really do want to participate and share the love of some of my blogs, but don’t want to end up listing 10 links. Would like to do what you did which was link the person’s name, for example mine being “I am Sherifs Pharaoh”

    If I wanted to link ” ‘Reallycoolblog.wordpress.com’ as ‘JoJo’ how would I do that?

    If I’m not instructed in how to do so, so the post won’t look like a massive clutter, I won’t participate.

    And no, telling me to look in the community pools or youtube videos which will just confuse and frustrate me more isn’t good enough.

    Liked by 1 person

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