Hey fellow Pharaohs! How’s it going?

I know my blog tends to be a bit random. A lot of musings, sometimes music, sometimes movie reviews, and a bit of travel adventures, but I would say the form of writing I enjoy the most is definitely poetry!

Recently a fellow blogger made a post seeking collaborators to concoct some wicked poetry! Unfortunately, this person has ignored my e-mails, but I still am greatly interested in collaborating with some of the talent on here if any of you are.

Not sure how this would exactly work out, if the themes of our poetry are similar, but I mainly like to write poetry on the journey through the self with the aid of the higher power, our collective self. I often use the #atone, which is at-one or oneness because I feel our common humanity, our compassion, ability to turn shit into gold as alchemists, and our responsibility as the creators of our own external realities is what will allow us to manifest the kingdom of heaven on earth. I also have been dabbling in erotica lately, so am totally down to write some crazy erotica if thats your thing as well.

I would say that my poetic style from 1-10, 1 being extremely concrete, and 10 being extremely abstract, likely is a 6.5. Somewhat abstract, but not likely going to go over your head like some people have the capacity for. I also like to write 3-5 stanzas in my poems.

Not sure how this would go. Maybe one of us could write a stanza with the abstraction explained and discuss what direction the poem is to go, for whatever image or theme we’d like to expand on, and then the other could do the next stanza, and so on.

If either of those topics interest you, spirituality/self-discovery or erotica, or if you think I would be of help in your poetry, although I’m fairly new to it, please e-mail me @ or add me on facebook @ Pharaoh Maktuk.

Really hope to hear back from you guys! Think it could be a great experience for us both and a way to become closer friends on here.



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