Orbital by Sherif Vuich with reading via youtube šŸ™‚

You’re right. You will likely never see me again. Don’t cry.

This physical world is fleeting, but although I will never be

part of yours, I will always exist as a part of you, a reminder

of what I accessed within you. Every time a rain drop splashes

on your head. Every time a gentle breeze caresses your swollen

cheeks. Every time you feel the slender silky curves of a beautiful

woman’sĀ waist and the taste of those lips. I willĀ be here. I’m no

longer a person you can see anymore.Ā My memory Ā haunts you,

but my gift to you is eternal,Ā and will never leave you. InĀ a parallel

universe, unmanifested, and waiting for your departure, you will find

me and you will be givenĀ another simulation with different variations.

InfiniteĀ stars await and will guide you to your own light, no matter how

stubborn you remain in your unperturbed orbital. Stuck in circlesĀ making

the same mistakes and wondering why nothing has changed, you will

inevitably learn and be granted permission to leave.Ā Each moment spent

away from me is a moment you spent obsessing over ‘me.’Ā Missing out

on we in different forms. Ā You may failĀ time and time again, stuck revolving

around othersĀ instead ofĀ revolving around yourself, not ascending, but

oscillatingĀ in self-induced sea sickness, but go to her. She will helpĀ you

feel me again– a medium. Real-eyes that we are the same person– She,

you, and I. You choose to have this conversation with me because you haven’t

felt my presence strong enough in her, anyone else, and even yourself, but

neither of us will ever waver as each guide’s presence becomes more and more

difficultĀ to for-get.Ā Our scent, our laughs, our stories, our interests, our gift to you,

will be wrapped conveniently around your heart, so open your eyes, feel

the beat I reminded you of, and don’t let your mind get the best of you

with herĀ like you allowed it to with me. Do not for-get me, but for-give

yourself. Make right each day with or without us both, because I will

be hereĀ for-giving you every step away until we meet again one day.

Irregardless or mine, her’s, or anyone else’s assistance, you choose how long

you stay in your orbital. Ā In-joy this orbit, because it won’t be long until

you’re onto your next.

Image taken from: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/AeiAylCkoH7SjfMbcBudf0dg5qesL11Mx3yoUVq1ttdlMgZ7kwa-Tp4/


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