Phuket Part 1

I’ve been in Phuket for the last couple of weeks. I will be here for at least 6 months teaching, so haven’t been in a rush to do everything. Also finally got settled in in my new apartment, and have a motorcycle now, so have been able to start doing a little more. I start teaching tomorrow and couldn’t be more excited to meet my students, 3rd and 4th graders, but for now thought I’d share with you some of the fun I’ve had over the last couple of days.

I hadn’t really done much until yesterday, mainly because I didn’t want to continue getting bled by taxis everywhere. When in Rome, do what the Romans do, so I got a motorcycle. Now until yesterday I had never rode a motorcycle before, and I will admit that when I first got on I was petrified, let alone being in Thailand riding a motorcycle with no experience. I spent 3 hours just driving up and down this empty road and turning. It would be a lie if I were to tell you I feel confident on the road now, but I feel less unconfident than I did previously and am starting to get used to it.


Afterwards I went to Wat Chalong which was created to honor Luang Pho Cham who led the people of Phuket to victory in the rebellion against the Chinese. Wat Chalong is also the most famous of the temples in Phuket. Stunningly beautiful, less touristy than the temples I visited in Bangkok, and it had some extremely cool paintings in side of some of the buildings.

IMG_0515IMG_0516IMG_0524IMG_0529IMG_0534IMG_0536IMG_0538IMG_0525Also got to pray for a while which was nice. Its funny how my concept of prayer has transformed over the years. I used to ask God for things. God can I get this girl? God can I win X amount of money at poker this year? Now its completely different. I think of the people that matter most to me, those that are still in my life and those that are not, but that I have tremendous respect and love for. I simply think of them and hope that they’re doing well, and then express gratitude that they were a part of my life, or still are. The greatest honor you can do someone is keep them in your thoughts for the better and to never forget them.
IMG_0523IMG_0526After exploring the temple I saw a beautiful lake just off a few minutes away. I sat for a while and just watched the geese float along. Some time later a couple came and started feeding the catfish. The catfish went crazy and started flopping and thrashing around for the fish food.
IMG_0539IMG_0541IMG_0546IMG_0547One of my regrets while I was in Barcelona was not feeding the pigeons while at Plaza Cataluna. I wouldn’t make that mistake twice, so went to the entrance and bought some food for them. When I returned there was a father and his three children were feeding the fish as well. When half the bag of my food ran out, I gave it to them because I wanted to take some photos of course. They didn’t speak English but put their hands crossed to their head and said Kup Kun Krup which means thank you in Thai. It felt nice to brighten their days, and I could see how genuine their gratitude was. We all splashed food into the lake and watched the catfish go at it! Was a lot of fun.

Afterwards I rode to the Phuket Bird Park which I found out was actually close, but vowed to return the next day. Fast forward to today and to many of the beautiful birds I was able to see!

Now the following is one of the most intimate experiences I’ve had while traveling. I’m not going to lie. This was better than sex. It was easily one of the uplifting moments I’ve felt. I felt like a child again. I approached the pen with the goats. One of them came up and just stared at me. He was just adorable. I wanted to pet him, so looked to the zookeeper and he nodded, so I started patting his head and he started licking my finger. What wonderful animals. Michael Jordan isn’t GOAT anymore, these goats are GOAT!! (greatest of all time)

After a while I didn’t want to leave, but found myself reluctantly walking away when the goats started making noises, so of course I returned. What wonderful animals these GOATy goats were. My original friend left, but his buddy came to see me for a while.

Afterwards I found a parrot room where you could feed them and take pictures with them which was also just incredible!

The last part of the bird park was actually a bird show which I was able to participate in. There were many acts where the zookeepers would throw random things in the air and out of nowhere a parrot or eagle would fly by and grab it.

The act I was a part of was when I came up stage and the parrot from the following photo more or less started bobbing his head at me. The parrot did this 3 times and then went to a different zoo keeper. I wrote my age on a piece of paper and then the parrot had a 10 numbers to use to guess what age I was. I have no idea how this is real life lol, but surely the parrot guessed I was 25!

My day ended in Kata beach. The bike ride through the mountains was actually extremely scary since I didn’t have much experience going downhills. The way there I actually could have died. I hadn’t braked quick enough and took a turn too wide. If a car had been behind me I wouldn’t be writing this right now, so I can’t say how grateful I am to be alive right now. On the way home, of course, I was far more cautious and the drive went smoothly.

The beach was gorgeous. White, soft sand, and beautiful, emerald clear water. I read a bit of Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. Great follow up after and expansion onΒ Power of Now which gives the keys of disassociating with the ego and making a bigger shift towards consciousness. To not identify with our possessions which reduces scarcity and gets us thinking more in alignment with ‘I have enough’ or ‘I am enough.’ He’s easily one of the best authors I’ve ever read, so highly recommend checking him out if you’re into spirituality. I swam until the sun started setting, got some Pad Thai and went home.Β IMG_0697IMG_0698IMG_0699IMG_0700IMG_0702

Will have more to share with you soon πŸ™‚
Until next time



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