The Shroud

Treading nimble steps plank by plank
Tip toeing to remain balanced 
Hoping to rise rank by rank 
Patience to harness talents 

Into the shroud of uncertainty 
Out goes the vision of expectation 
Attaining long lost harmony
Discarding self-inflicted abrasion  

A plank breaks and the spirit hovers 
Courageously striding above and beyond 
While the seeped heart no longer flutters 
Renewed glistening wings– no magic wand 

Crocodiles gnawing the ropes flaunting 
Immune, ethereal permanence 
Despite each day ever more daunting 
Persevering through with resilience 

Reluctantly into the shroud he goes 
Lying dormant inner brilliance 
Facing ivory fangs as the wind blows 
Each bite testing his persistence  

Happily in the shroud he stays 
Reflecting and tampering with old ways 
Forgotten is time, and the amount of days–

While his shroud dissipates 
And he can feel the sun’s rays

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