Phuket Part 2- Kata Beach Bum

Last week was my first week of school which was nice, but certainly hectic. I’m teaching 3rd through 6th grade, and will admit that some of my students are a handful, but most are lovely and truly brighten my day. Its always nice to walk into a sea of smiling faces and hear Helllloooo Teacherrrr Sherifffff!!!! Goooood morrrninggg! And while randomly walking around school to have kids come up and want high fives. 🙂

That weekend we had a day of training, and that day it rained torrentially, but Sunday we were blessed by a sunny day with very few clouds, so decided to spend the day at the beach. Parked my car in my cabana at 1 and didn’t leave until 7 🙂 IMG_0735IMG_0736IMG_0737IMG_0738

It was a really simple day. I sat out, guzzled half a dozen coconut waters, while reading Paulo Coehlo’s Pilgrimage and Eckhart Tolle’s A New Earth. In Pilgrimage Paulo Coehlo stresses the importance of The Road and how it is what enriches us, not the destination.

Read about the ego and its many forms and attachment to forms in the physical world in a New Earth. I’ve struggled with mental health over the years, and found in the reading that my identification with who I thought I was, tended to be the root of this, and that my ego, mainly was rooted in fear of rejection which eventually became my story and my identity. Over the last couple of years I feel I’ve been moving away from that and trying to enjoy more of the isness of things, so I can just be. I’m part of the universe, but I am also the universe just like every one of you are as well.

The ego never actually is conquered, but with awareness of and compassion for ourselves when the ego shows itself, it is the means of diluting it and making a more global shift collectively to the kingdom of heaven on earth. Swimming and staring out into the clouds its hard not to join that heaven without a worry in the world.


Was truly wonderful sitting and watching the sunset. Moments like these, completely simple, alone, or with friends, are an access gate to your inner light even when the shadows are creeping in and the sun is fading.That crimson glow, no matter how faint, or even in the darkness will always be. Just close your eyes if you want to see.

Until next time



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