The blind leading the blind.

Regurgitation resuscitates a child’s

pleading wish. Belonging by inspiring smiles.

Being without achieving. Continuing without reaping

progress while learners enjoy their bliss. Sowing seeds for

future futile endeavors. Or does the futility lie in the

expectation? Accomplishment seduces

failure. Success permeates, escorted

by forgotten passion.

Manifested in remembrance of

fading memories. Growing up in Cairo

more of a foreigner without any barriers and all

the support forfeited. Supporting simplicity instead of

dueling with delusions. Protecting the angels by soothing

reciprocity for the devils. Heads on the wall stuck in

obstinance. Compassionate pushing forward to

guide and inspire the already inspired. Trial

to reduce nothing to everything. Except all

things are inclusive in any-thing.

Accepting unalterable result

in adamant ambiguity.

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7 thoughts on “Ambiguity

      1. I understand. I started a short story earlier this year and just….drifted away from it. It happens. Creativity and inspiration are mercurial and flighty mistresses sometimes. Good luck. I hope you get back to it! ❤︎

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