First Date

A barrier of

language broken by

mutual affinity to discuss

the mundane. Miraculous when

oysters giggle. Iridescent sparkle felt

and reflected. A stolen umbrella, and chariot

ride benevolently bestowed. Escalating lessons in

modality received. Self-conscious of linguistic struggle

drowned by security from his comforting presence.

Secure from their mother’s tears as she fires

bullets. A beautiful symphony for their

first date. Patience unlocked while

exploring her smile. Master

pieces created by each

new discovery.

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3 thoughts on “First Date

  1. This is more lovely than all of my first dates in my entire life put together.

    What did you mean by “secure from their mother’s tears as she fires bullets”? I got the feeling that one or both of their moms did not like this particular first date (as is often the case with moms and first dates! 🙂

    Very enchanting, phar. very..

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    1. We were having lunch during break from classes. It’s rainy season here in Thailand so we were getting pelted hard by Mother Nature, but luckily she had an umbrella for us to share. When we got to the restaurant we were “secure from mother’s bullets” 🙂

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