Phuket Part 3– The Big Buddha And Phrom Thep Cape

Yesterday was a pretty wonderful day. On the way to Kata beach the previous two times I had always seen the Big Buddha overlooking both Kata and Chalong, but never really knew how to get there. To my excitement I found it was accessible by Chalong, where I live now, so decided last weekend to make a visit this weekend.

1. The Trip Up to The Big Buddha

I thought that the road up to the Buddha was far more exciting than when I actually got there. As they say its not about the destination its about the journey. I had to take my motorbike through a small neighborhood. In this neighborhood I witnessed some pretty harsh living conditions and all sorts of beautiful houses as well. The polarity of class living in such a small area was astounding. Didn’t bother taking photos of the mansion like houses I saw, and found the small huts/houses more intriguing. IMG_0808IMG_0809IMG_0812IMG_0813

Then began my trek up the mountain to see the Big Buddha. The road took me up the mountain and into the jungle. It was beyond beautiful. If you do go up here, I  recommend doing so on an empty stomach because there are all sorts of restaurants or spots where you can stop for a beer or coconut water with lunch. Unfortunately, I had just had lunch, so was limited to a few coconuts.


I was also able to pet and feed some bananas to an elephant! I’m ridiculously ticklish and couldn’t really bare the elephant because its snout was very ticklish! It only costs 100 baht to feed the elephant, and 900 baht to go on a 30 minute elephant trek through the jungle if you’re interested!

Just before the summit and the Big Buddha I saw some spectacular views. I had Deja Vu of Diamond Head in Hawaii. Just two years ago, it seemed like I was in a very similar situation. Absolutely gorgeous beaches on one side and in this situation a vastly more luscious jungle on the other.


2. The Big Buddha

And finally I got to the Big Buddha. Peacefully perched in the clouds above Chalong ,the Big Buddha sees all. IMG_0869IMG_0875

Although it was incredible, I definitely got more joy out of just riding my motorcycle through the jungle and witnessing all the beauty of the mountain and reflecting while staring out into the gorgeous panoramas. I just took a few photos, and felt that the views I saw on the way up were more secluded and gave me more peace than those having to be shared with all the tourists. I definitely recommend seeing the Big Buddha while in Phuket if you can, but don’t be surprised if you have a similar experience to me where you appreciate the way more than the end.


On the other side of the Big Buddha are the footprints of the Buddha. You can write your name on a little leaf and hang to show you were there. I didn’t, but what I did do was take a few minutes to pray. I aligned myself with my intentions of this first part of my teaching pilgrimage and let thoughts go as they came wishing them well and giving gratitude.

3. Phrom Thep Cape

After leaving the Big Buddha, it took about 20 minutes to get to Phrom Thep Cape. I think this may have been the most beautiful part of my time in Phuket so far. If you go definitely do not do so in flip flops because the trail down to the cape is slippery. I actually slipped and kinda hurt my arm. Am really hoping it was nothing serious. I can move it, but its pretty sore.

Anyways, here are the views before making your way down the trail.

IMG_0901IMG_0902IMG_0912IMG_0921And what you can see when you get there!


If you’re willing to climb around the rocks you can find a peaceful secluded place to read for a while to get away from the crowd like I did. I saw the beginning of the sunset, but didn’t stay until it set because I was getting hungry and tired, maybe, even hangry LOL. I just wanted to eat. I’m here for at least 6 months, so will come back to watch the sunset here again I’m sure.

Hope you enjoyed and hope to have more of Phuket for you soon 🙂 maybe even tonight 😉

Until next time!



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