The Dreamer and The Dream

“There is a dreamer, and there is the dreamer of the

dream. The dream is a short– lived play of forms. It is the

world– relatively real but not absolutely real. Then there is the

dreamer, the absolute reality in which the forms come and go. The

dreamer is not the person. The person is part of the dream. The dreamer

is the substratum in which the dream appears, that which makes the

dream possible, it is the absolute behind the relative, the timeless

behind time, the consciousness in and behind form. The

dreamer is consciousness itself– who you are.”

-Eckhart Tolle

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10 thoughts on “The Dreamer and The Dream

      1. But be strong my friend, no matter what life will bring to you -these are all the reactions of the past – when we know that we are in the middle of a pot filled with our good and bad reactions of our past, even past lives, (cause and effect) – then it is a bit easier to carry burdens on our shoulders. Put all your trust in God – as it is said: “So we think, so we will become” the more we think of God and put our trust and confidence in Him, so more we adopt His colour and slowly slowly our own problems become smaller and smaller until they fully vanish – vanish with our ego too – the problems we face is mostly because of our mind and ego. deeds, thoughts and words are like an echo: they come back to us as we have sent them, and sometimes we have to pay back those things even with interests. By the way also my wife suffers from depression and she has to take pills (but not like psycho-pharmacy-pills – but because something is not produced by her brain enough – so with her pills she can manage her daily tasks excelently)
        When or mind has a vacuum then we are filled often with bad thoughts and these thoughts try to control us – so it is good to do something what usefull – what can replace this vaccum. Dear friend, you can always write to me, even to my contact-form, if you wish even a private dialogue.

        Be strong my friend and do not allow to enter bad thoughts into your mind. Try always to keep your attention in a positive way and do not use any alcohol as this would make it much worse.

        From friend to friend

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