No Longer

Trampled, broken, bruised
Stuck between white and black hues
Attempting to muse

Asynchronous flow 
Feebly swirling the undertow 
Drowning in sorrow 

Shivering to convulsions 
Seizures inside sew 

Seems seamless and fine
Scars and gashes but no sign 
No longer aligned

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8 thoughts on “No Longer

    1. Its been a rough few days. I quit my job which in the moment, and after a couple weeks of considering it, felt like the right choice, but now I realize it was a terrible decision. I might make a post about it over the next few days.

      Hope you’re doing well Yassy chan!!! 🙂 Good vibes your way

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      1. What did you listen to , your head or your heart? Don’t you worry , sherif Kun, good things will happen, be patient.
        Thank you, I am doing okay. Sending smiles your way.


  1. Pain!! But strongly stood up and faced the consequences!! Found solutions because you new you are the only one who have to survive through it alone!! Great!!
    About column was super!!
    Best part of wordpress you are able to know people from different parts of world !!

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    1. You know I was just really depressed when I wrote that, and I didn’t even think of the last line like that when I wrote it. “No longer aligned.” I thought of it as out of synchronicity with his intentions, and just lost in despair which is really what depression is, but really love your take on it. He is alone to find the path back to serenity and synchronicity with all things because no amount of support will do it for him. Thanks for pointing out an empowering message out to it for me!

      And yeah really love WordPress, and all the cool interesting people I’ve met so far, and hope to continue meeting more. Where are you from?

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      1. I’m feeling lots better now. Had made a poor decision to leave Phuket last week, and really didn’t want to come back home to Vegas, but now that I’m back have made my intention to get into online teaching and to travel as much as possible starting hopefully December and all of next year as a traveling, teaching, nomad.

        Nice to meet you and will enjoy following you. Have a great day! 🙂

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