The Decisions We Make

Sometimes while reaching crossroads or feeling like you’re treading in poisonous waters, you are required to make a difficult decision. However, it is important to notice that these poisonous waters may release debilitating fumes which cloud judgment. The obscurity of each path towards safer waters may not seem so clear anymore, and also create the idea that you need to get somewhere in order to feel safe or happy, when it is always innate and when you always have the capacity to adjust to whatever environment you are in. Despite this, it is always best not to make a hasty decision, but to think of your intentions in life, your goals, your dreams, and to start swimming on that path. Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, even if its only treading while reflecting!

The poisonous fumes which cloud your ability to make the proper decision, and make you forget what’s really important is your ego. The ego always wants more, expects more, and is a false sense of self detached from the rest of life. It flows asynchronously. It severs synchronicity with the intelligence of the universe and creates negativity which dilutes gratitude. It forces you to expect more, or feel you can be happy once something in the future is reached which shifts your focus away from the present moment. How can you make a good decision when the lens you view the world is tattered? How can you receive support or things work out for you when you are waiting for the future to feel a different way instead of embracing the now?


Sometimes when being unable to swim since the fog of the ocean skews your vision, there is nothing wrong with treading. Treading, thinking, and waiting until the conditions of your environment reflect the light that may have been in the shadows of the ego. Treading until you can become aware of these fumes and they instantly dissipate. Compassion and awareness of the ego will always thwart it. Not-doing is much preferable to doing-something blindly. When you are in the right place to choose the path, outline your goals and commit to your perceived purpose. Think about what’s most important to you on your journey and choose the path that you perceive to be cohesive towards attaining those dreams. Make a decision that you’ll thank yourself for later.


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