Empty Bed

This bed never felt so empty. Only a few days ago you were beside me. Snuggled into my arms as you peacefully snoozed the night away. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to do the same. I had one thing and one thing only on my mind– that I would be boarding a plane in less than a week and leaving.

My reticulated python slithering near your cave. Your Hershey’s kisses on perfectly proportionate tan breasts. The scent of your hair as seductive as chocolate. I inevitably was taken by sleep unable to dream. I haven’t dreamed in years. While I’m awake, my dreams distort my reality, leaving me in an infinite void of fantasy I can’t fulfill and am tormented by as I grow older, more hopeful, more deeply hollow, and they seem to fleet past me.

You wake up the next morning. We speak and giggle, and again I’m able to dream. I imagine what it would be able to hold you like that every night while waking up to your enchanting smile each morning. I imagine what it would be like if I had you beside me on a cabana in Bangtao or Kata, how cute we’d look in photos off the various islands nearby. I kiss you and you tell me your breath stinks, but kiss me back after telling you you taste like cherries. I return the favor on your neck and inevitably your bra is thrown and lost. I am fortunate finally to be able to cease imagining the feeling of boarding the flight next week (today).

I nibble on nipples like they are haribo, sweet, squishy, and colorful. A few moans and sighs as I continue making my way down south, and the Pharaoh has emerged from the sarcophagus of his life. A euphoria so benevolently accessed in him as she takes all of him. She strokes his head and guides his neck as a tongue throttles and swirls, slow pecks clockwise and counter-clockwise. Moisture seeps as if watering the soil. More rain and more moisture as the room becomes engulfed in humidity and drops trickle down their bodies. She cries for him to bring her a raincoat and he obliges.

Pharaoh’s python burrows into the earth now that is has an artificial layer of skin and the raindrops have created a path into mother earth. Thunder and lightning serenade one another as the conductor quickens the pace and the python wriggles with more vigor. Pharaoh picks her up to put her on top, but instead they face one another like imminently colliding trains. Waves crash onto the beach, and recede until their next. Thunderous collisions within space as the burrow swallows the python and the python takes a rest.

She shoves him onto his back and mounts for a ride. She gallops and gallops effortlessly and the wind from the storm brushes her cheek. He can barely hear as the storm’s intensity distorts his ability to comprehend, but with whinnies return to him as she rides triumphantly. The python tackles the horse and it is on its back once again. Thunder and lightning serenading one another as a symphony of solace for them both. A cry and she is holding him tightly as the clouds subside and a clearing in the sky allows the muffled sounds in the distance to continue traveling onwards into time.

Pharaoh and she met last night. He knew she wouldn’t want to join him in his chamber this night. However, he originally thought they would have a peaceful dinner together since he would be leaving in two days. She said to eat without her, and that she had her girlfriends in town from Bangkok and wanted to club with them. It was already extremely late after they had met for an hour just to walk Bangla and speak.

He clubbed with her and her friend just 4 days ago after enjoying a smorgasbord of tikka masala, mouton vindalou, garlic naan, along with Tam Young Goong and their Thai seafood salad to accompany their shisha. They had danced at Illusion, and he saw it in her eyes that she simply wanted to say goodbye. He knew she cared and just wanted her freedom. He was leaving and they both were single. He would have to let her go like she already let him. They kissed one last time and he let her go to enjoy her freedom with her friends as she said was all she really wanted right now.

As soon as he returned home to the empty bed it started raining. His heart started raining blood and his eyes torrented as she wasn’t there with him. He just wanted to hold her again. To wake up, nibble on her Hershey’s Kisses, and make love to her one last time. He wasn’t able to, but immediately thought of how happy he was to have been able to the previous week. Although they could keep in contact, he would miss her so much. He thought of how he accepted his new orbital. A satellite revolving around the earth in sheer loneliness with so many silent and seemingly cold passersby.

Image taken from: https://mirnamorgan62.wordpress.com/2014/03/29/rain/


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