Phuket Part 4– Sarasin Bridge Joy Ride

Today was my last day in Phuket. Over the last month I had discovered the joy of riding a motorcycle. The wind on my cheeks while going fast, the ease of handling, and also wriggling through traffic. I thought what better way to spend my last day in Phuket by taking a joy ride from near the southern tip of the island all the way north to the beginning of
mainland Thailand. I wanted to see other parts of the island I hadn’t yet, even if briefly before leaving today.

From Chalong to Sarasin it was about 60 Kilometers. I made many detours along the way because I saw so much beauty!


Just after getting past Kathu and Central Phuket I found a temple and some mesmerizing forest groves. They were perfectly aligned and had seduced me every time I drove by on the way to Bangtao beach. I also had never stopped at a temple I had seen along the way. Wasn’t going to make that mistake again.


Another temple I found was Wat Prang Ludkao. Aside from three Thai girls I was the only one here. Dropped by, prayed for a little while that I could find internal alignment while a bit disconnected right now, and moved on.


It seemed as if every few minutes I found a reason to pull over and admire the beauty of this island. I wish I had more bravery to go off roading, and although confident, still am a noob and decided to refrain from doing so. Definitely something to keep in mind for when I come back!


And over the last stretch to Sarasin I found some gorgeous flowers. Well, I had seen many over the journey, but these were the most convenient and secluded to appreciate.


And by far the coolest part of this joy ride was stumbling upon a deserted beach. I had nothing by comfort of the empty sea as company. I prayed to Poseidon as I had prayed to Buddha and my highest Pharaoh to grow stronger in letting go of the past, concerning myself less with the future, and enjoying the flow. A great way of indulging in currency!


And I finally reached the bridge. Aside from having a tiger beer and looking out into the ocean there really wasn’t much to do here, although the view was spectacular. I had spent a while at the beach and needed to get back north since I had plans at 4, so enjoyed the end of my Phuket joy ride.

Was a great way to kill a few hours before seeing a friend during the day. Phuket is incredible. Highly recommend adding it to your travel list if you’re ever going through southeast Asia.


13 thoughts on “Phuket Part 4– Sarasin Bridge Joy Ride

      1. Oh it was an incredible experience. One of the best of my life so far. My job was just horrible though. When I go back next time not gonna rush it and make sure I have a better job, can actually get a work visa, and money saved. Thanks for all the support btw recently πŸ™‚ Hope you have an awesome time seeing Rob this weekend!!

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      2. Oh that’s so sweet thanks…its not this weekend though, i have to wait 59 more days😭😭
        I hope the next time you get to go you can do it your way and its even better!

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Ahhhh I thought it was this weekend 😦 2 months isn’t that terrible though, pretty close! Btw I’m originally from Ann Arbor! Michigan power haha. And yeah next time it’ll be better for sure

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