10 Reasons Why You Should Go To Phuket Right Meow!

Will Keep this short and sweet and my final thoughts on leaving for a different post. Enjoy ๐Ÿ™‚

1. The people –ย Phuket has a wonderful mix of friendly locals and expats. I stayed in Chalong so had my friends that I taught with as well as others I met on Muay Thai Road that were there training as peaceful warriors. Although I will not miss my job because it was dreadful, I will miss my friends I taught with. They were wonderful. Phuket wouldn’t be what it is without the wonderful mixture of friendly and accommodating people you will meet.

2. The Food –ย The food in Phuket is absolutely delicious. Like the rest of Thailand you can delicious meals for around $1-$2.

3. Phrom Tiep Cape –ย Phrom Tiep Cape is by far the most beautiful part of the whole island. You get incredible views of the sunset as well as short hike down to the coast, through a small jungle, and that gives you all sorts of views of coasts and cliffs. Get down to the bottom and enjoy the sunset at around 5 PM. I suggest wearing hiking shoes because parts of it are slippery!


4.ย The Temples-ย A few of the temples I visited were Wat Chalong, Wat Prang Ludkao, Wat Phra Tong. There were many more on the island to check out, but that’s for next time. There are many room’s in God’s house and I was grateful I was able to witness and find some serenity in these.

Wat Chalong
Wat Prang Ludkao
Wat Prang Ludkao


Small temple next to Sarasin Bridge


Wat Phra Tong
Wat Phra Tong

5. Bangtao Beach –ย On my days off I had the privilege of visiting this gorgeous secluded beach twice. Time flies while worming my way through books and going on swims.


Mesmerizing Sunset

6. Kata Beach –ย Kata beach has a bit more tourists, but isn’t as crowded as you might think. Definitely nothing like Patong. Kata has emerald waters and white sandy beaches. The water is also extremely shallow so if you don’t feel comfortable swimming this is a good beach for you to wade in, or if you’re me you can go out comfortably near the ending booie and swim peacefully by yourself.

Kata Beach
60 Baht coconuts ๐Ÿ™‚
Breathtaking Sunsets
Me being a goober
Love this Beach ๐Ÿ™‚

7. Sheer Beauty –ย Phuket is truly gorgeous. There are so many adjectives in the dictionary that would insult its beauty. See for yourself.


8. Phuket Bird Park –ย Phuket Bird Park was another incredible experience. I saw all sorts of exotic birds, but the coolest part were the goats. Goats are the sweetest animals and so affectionate. I didn’t want to leave these goats when I met them. I also was able to take awesome photos with the birds ๐Ÿ™‚

9. The Big Buddha –ย Off in the clouds the Big Buddha sees all. Located in between Chalong and Kata beach you take a small off road into the jungle and up a mountain to get to the Buddha. As in life the destination to the top is far better than the journey itself. There are all sorts of chill restaurants and bars for small stops as well as gorgeous views.

10. Patong Beach– Bangla Road-ย Last and certainly not least is Bangla Road. If you’re a nightlife fiend like myself I suggest checking out the club Illusion. Loads of fun and there’s a good mix between EDM and hip hop. One of the nights I went the DJ was spinning some trance and then was placed by a DJ that played more mainstream electro, and another day a DJ played solely hip hop. You can get bottle service for 4500 baht as well which is like $130! Pretty sweet deal!

I will be back Phuket, and for much longer than just a month. Can’t compare apples to oranges, but of the 8 or 9 major cities I’ve traveled to outside of America I must admit that my favorite is a tie between Seoul and Phuket. I highly suggest NOT staying in Patong for more than a couple of days, or you may feel otherwise. Get a motorcycle and see the rest of the island. There is so much to do and see, and I didn’t even get to the islands because I was planning on doing so after my first pay check. Hope you can get to appreciate this wonderful island like I did soon ๐Ÿ™‚

Until next time



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