Inner Space

I gaze up at tiny fireflies

so far away in darkness. Frozen orbs.

Titans imprisoned. Imaginary distance dilutes

our ability to clearly see inside our own universe as we

create impassable barriers. Beautiful stalagmite sleds honing our

awe as we happily slide. Sometimes I forget myself and falsely describe this life

as mine, when we all inner-stand by seeing it as our kingdom of heaven. Wonderful to

know she still thinks of me as part of our shared home. In a different room of the same 

house admiring the same stars. Sweetness in solace. Infinite space separates us, but I can

still feel her penetrating angelic gaze, absorb radiation from her smile, and hear the

serenade of her laugh– even if I imagine her admiring the same pyreflies floating

effortlessly– parallel orbitals our brothers and sisters spiral on,

deceased or on a different track, her beautiful face and

delicate embrace feel so real. The moon’s waning

light, so abundant in the invisible dark space. 

Image taken from Pinterest


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