I see myself unfurling while you’re down here
Looking up at the sea paralyzed in fear 
Two alternates on separate journeys of forms
Deus ex machina failed while grasped by her horns

The heart boils down below and blood overflows 
A soft voice cancelled by spears pricking at her rose 
Off in space meeting her knight in shining armor
Loathing shatters memories as particles scatter farther 

Another alternate forms out of growing entropy
Same fate waiting, living vicariously denying destiny 
Happily change the variable self-imposed inertia 
And she’ll triumphantly thwart her seductive dementia

A blue orb permeates through her– blessing in admittance
And the alternate proceeds in the opposite distance
With the snap of a finger and shower of resilience 
She is able to radiate her dormant brilliance

Freedom in the formless, no identity to trail 
Weaving in an out of fireflies dancing the wind and the sail 
Blown in from oblivion to witness the light each day
Letting down arms in serenity this hue will stay

An alternate gracefully floating til finish like a dove
Accepting that which she is not– emaciated with love 

Image taken from Pinterest


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